We offer customization options for various types of images on brick figures. You can personalize your figure with people, pets, or anything else you desire. Our team will work diligently to bring your vision to life.

Yes, after placing an order and uploading high-resolution photos, the designer will provide a preview within 10 days. They will make adjustments according to your requirements to ensure your satisfaction.

Yes, custom brick figures often require assembly. Upon receiving the figure, it may come in several parts or components that you need to put together.

While simple accessories like guitars can be customized for brick figures, adding complex accessories like a bike would require further communication with the designer to determine the feasibility.

High-definition photos: Clear and detailed frontal shots ensure accurate details.

Color reference: Please refer to the color card on the product detail page to specify the hair and skin color for exact matching.Follow these tips for personalized brick figures that truly resemble your desired person or character. Achieve a satisfying final product with accurate features.

The process of customizing a brick figure typically involves the following steps:


  1. Place an order: Start by selecting the desired options and placing an order for the custom brick figure.
  2. Confirm figure details: Provide specific information such as hair color, skin tone, accessories, and any other customization preferences you have.
  3. Designer preview and adjustments: The designer will provide a preview reference based on your specifications. Review it and communicate any necessary adjustments or changes until you are satisfied with the design.
  4. Production and delivery: Once the design is finalized, the production process begins. This usually takes around 10 days. After production, the brick figure will be shipped to your address. Standard shipping typically takes 10-15 days, but expedited delivery is available for an additional $30 if you prefer a faster shipping option.
  5. Enjoy assembling: Once you receive your customized brick figure, you can enjoy the process of assembling it with your family and friends. Follow the provided instructions to bring your unique brick figure to life.


Certainly! For information on bulk order discounts, please reach out to our customer service team. They will be able to provide you with a discount code or assist you with any inquiries regarding discounts for bulk orders. Contact our customer service to discuss your specific requirements and explore available options.

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